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“Leading the Way for Peer-Delivered Mental Health Services”


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Pathways to Recovery workshop

This workshop is an innovative way to explore new ideas and possibilities for the recovery journey.  This class includes excerpts from a workbook filled with recovery and self-discovery exercises.

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Person-Centered Planning Independent Facilitation

Independent Facilitation is a method of person-centered planning that allows an individual to plan their life how they see fit. An Independent Facilitator responds directly to the consumer’s dreams, desires and personal goals.

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family Education and Support Services

Is a program designed to provide supportive services to family members coping with an adult/child family member's mental illness.  These services, which are provided by a Peer Support Specialist, may include supportive family consultations in our office or in the family's home, phone consultations, educational workshops and advocacy.

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Peer-delivered Crisis Intervention and Prevention program

Peer-delivered crisis recovery support can be offered to individuals in need of mental health services. The goal of Peer-delivered Crisis Intervention is to divert people from hospitalization, communicate the message of hope and recovery and provide an environment in which each person is treated with respect, compassion and dignity.

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Co-occurring Disorders Support Services

The primary goal of these services is to assist persons in developing skills necessary for living a satisfying and fulfilling life in the community without drugs and alcohol. The CPSS group facilitators are encouraged to share their experience and show how they have addressed the challenges of addiction and/or mental illness and teach the skills they have learned to pursue recovery.

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One-on-One Support Services for Employment

Provides for a Certified Peer Support Specialist to help the Member explore possible job opportunities.  The Peer will assist the consumer in the job search and pre-interview process.  The Peer Support can help the Member identify any obstacles that may prevent the consumer for obtaining gainful employment.